Advanced Program

Advanced Program

The advanced program at Roudnev Youth Ballet provides dancers with quality dance education in both genres taught at the school. Because of the intense nature of classes, the students in the advanced level are expected to attend all classes and rehearsals throughout the dance season in order to not only give the dancers the highest rate of progression in their studies, as well as, the highest quality performances to patrons who attend our professional quality shows. Besides attendance, students are asked to come to class everyday prepared to work to their fullest capacity at all times.

The advanced program at RYB is designed to simulate what a class at a professional company, college course, or any other professional dance employment would expect of the dancers, staff, or performers and we ask that this is understood and respected before enrolling in either of Roudnev Youth Ballet’s advanced levels.

In order to enhance each dancer’s experience it is highly suggested that all students of the RYB advanced program continue their dance education throughout the summer months at Roudnev Youth Ballet intensives and at other professional quality summer programs offered throughout the country.

Below you will find a list that every advanced program should consider while participating in the advance program:

  • always arrive to class early in order to warm up yourself or refresh choreograph

  • always wear proper attire to class. No T-shirts allowed as warm-ups and no undergarments under leotard and tights.

  • Always come to class with a professional attitude. If a student is disresptful to peers or students, the student will be asked to sit out of class that day.

  • All class conflicts (absences) must be turned in approved and recorded by director. Absences and tardies will be considered when casting for performances.

  • Any student involved in the advanced program must clear their schedule two weeks prior to show time and must always be present during mandatory stage rehearsals.

  • Students of the advanced program are asked to mindfully balance their homework and other activities around Roudnev Youth Ballet classes, rehearsals, and shows.

  • Students of the advance program may be asked to come to extra performance rehearsals over and should be prepared to attend. Performance rehearsals will be provided long before rehearsals begin.

  • Students of the advanced program are asked to practice and study repetoire for performances on their own time as well as in classes. In order to ensure professional quality performances dancers may run the risk of being removed from pieces if the choreography is not mastered by a certain date before showtime.

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Roudnev Ballet Studios are located within the Buckman Performing Arts Center.

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